Conference Organizers

Dr. Alissa S. Crans, Loyola Marymount University

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Loyola Marymount University where I have served as one of the faculty advisors of our department's Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter. I am also the Associate Director of Diversity and Education at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, CA and one of the Associate Directors of Project NExT. I have encouraged many students to present their work at a variety of different conferences including the Joint Mathematics Meetings, the fall and spring MAA section meetings, the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, the Infinite Possibilities Conference, Undergraduate Mathematics Day at the University of Dayton, the Future Teachers Conference, and the PCUMC.

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Dr. Karrolyne Fogel, Cal Lutheran University

I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at California Lutheran University. In my past, I served as the department chair and on the board of editors for the Young Mathematicians' Network. I have supervised numerous senior capstone projects and am one of the faculty who serves as the capstone class instructor. I routinely accompany students to mathematics conferences such as the PCUMC and So Cal-Nevada MAA section meetings. A strong interest in the transition between arithmetic and algebraic thinking in has led me to develop a series of math enrichment lessons that I lead in a local elementary school.

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Dr. Kendra Killpatrick, Pepperdine University

I am a Professor of Mathematics at Pepperdine University and serve as the faculty advisor for our department's Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon chapter. I have supervised numerous undergraduate students on undergraduate research projects and regularly take students to Mathfest and the Joint Meetings to present their work. In addition, I serve as the Associate Director for the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program.

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Dr. John Rock, Cal Poly Pomona

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Cal Poly Pomona where I am also the Graduate Coordinator. I am a mentor for Math Alliance and a co-organizer of the California State University Alliance, programs which are designed to help talented yet underrepresented and underserved students find opportunities to earn doctoral degrees in mathematics and statistics. I regularly work with undergraduates and master's students on research projects that yield talks and occasionally publications. My student researchers have given talks at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, sectional AMS meetings, the Young Mathematicians Conference, local colloquiua and seminars, and the Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. I have also been known to play rounds of golf with students on occasion.

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